The GS Trophy is a celebration of spirit of the BMW GS motorcycle, bringing together those elements of leisure, adventure and challenge that this bike engenders. The North America 2014 event is the fourth edition of the #GSTrophy, the previous editions took place in South America in 2012, South Africa in 2010 and Tunisia in 2008. This edition will see 16 teams, comprising 48 riders from 19 nations, competing.

The GS Trophy will see the competitors ride nearly 2000 km over seven days as they cross the mountainous region of the Canadian Rockies through the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. The event is not a race but a team competition, pitching the international contingent against each other in a series of special tests – not all are riding tests. With the competitors camped nightly in a bivouac the event also fosters a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie.

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