This past weekend MINI Oakville ventured up north for its 4th ever MINI Escape. This year we were accompanied with a few fellow riders from Motorrad. The MINI Escape unites our MINI and Motorrad enthusiasts for an unforgettable convey with a scenic view and a fun overnight trip. The enthusiasts collect the custom vinyls from each trip, and leave them on their windows to serve as badges. Overall, MINI & Motorrad Escape 4.0. was loads of fun and definitely turned more than a few heads as we drove up to Muskoka!

The enthusiasts met at MINI Oakville early Saturday morning for some refreshments and coffee, and then the convoy proceeded to drive towards Sonoma Heights Park in Vaughn for some MINI activities, where everyone got to know each other and shared their unique stories. After Sonoma Heights Park, the convoy headed up to Gravenhurst for lunch, with one pit stop on the way. Once we reached Gravenhurst, we stopped at the Oar & Paddle. The staff was amazing, and the food was even better (which is saying something)!!! The Oar & Paddle prepared an array of appetizers for us, which was served buffet style. The calamari was beyond noteworthy, so if you’re in the area, definitely stop by! After the appetizers, lunch was served. The enthusiasts had the quite a few selections to pick and choose from. I went with the classic burger and fries option, which was quite filling and satisfying. And lastly, the Oar & Paddle prepared some quite fancy desserts for our convoy. The crème brulee was perfect! Once we wrapped up lunch in Gravenhurst, we proceeded to our final destination: Deerhurst Resort.

The ride to Deerhurst was quite remarkable. It was very green – truly showed us the best roads that Muskoka has to offer. We took the back roads rather than the highway, so the ride was longer however it was that much more worth it, thanks to the breath taking view. Once we arrived at Deerhurst, we enjoyed some drinks on the patio and a 3-course dinner. After dinner, guests got to spend their time as they liked. A  few guests even got together and played Cards Against Humanity, thus further bonding and sharing some laughs!

This trip was so amazing that we are already eager to plan 5.0. We will be revealing details on our trip in the late summertime. See you in the fall!