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The future is here. European customers are just about ready to get their crack at the all-new BMW i3. The electrified Bimmer will be available starting on November 16th, and it will be offered up in Germany and some other select European markets. It won’t just be sold through standard dealer channels either, as the i3 will be available for purchase by way of an online portal and also over the phone.

As the European rollout gets underway, other countries are certainly eager for their own shot at the i3. In 2014, this BMW city car will begin to show up on dealer floors in the United States, Japan, China, and South Korea. It will also start arriving in numerous fleets around the world, as an electric city car makes for a top notch fleet vehicle.

Early drives of the BMW i3 highlight the unique nature of its powertrain setup as a major boon to the city driving experience. The regenerative brakes are so aggressive that the i3 can come to a full stop without a need to step on the actual brake pedal.

Thanks to the electric heart and instant torque, it can also get out of its own way rather effortlessly. Still, it’s not the typical BMW driving experience that the brand was once known for, but something all together new and different. That’s not a bad thing, as it’s clear that the automaker is looking to provide all sorts of ultimate driving experiences for all sorts of customers.