The time is ripe for the new X5 to be shown off, and these low quality and somewhat dithered images which were leaked onto the web, certainly look official.

Infact, the BMW X5 has been slowing dropping its camo to reveal more and more of its flesh and these images confirm our suspicions on the new design elements the X5 would inherit from the current BMW lineup.

Those elements being the BMW Air Curtain technology which features air vents in the front bumper designed to channel air. These vents have been stylized somewhat with border contrasting color which befits the the SUV body much more.

Also seen here is the possibility of the front fender vent, ie. the boomerang vent that we’ve seen on the F32 concept car. Its not clear from these photos if its simply an impression in the sheetmetal or an actual vent, but past spy photos have certainly suggest there would be an actual vent. We shall see.

Image & text source: Bimmerpost