There’s been a lot of speculation among enthusiasts recently as to what the new M3 will look like visually. A main point of debate seems to be the shape of the hood. The current outgoing M3 has a nicely sculpted “power bulge” on the hood that many enthusiasts are a fan of. However, a few of the renderings that have appeared online seem to be missing this bulge causing a stir in the M3 community. Now, before we jump to any conclusions it could be possible that they have simply been testing the car with a different hood since its still early in the game…but many are growing fearful that the new M3 won’t have  as aggressive a look as enthusiasts were hoping for.

What would look best on the new M3? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

1. Power Bulge

2. Plain hood

3. Heat extractor/vents