BMW is excited to announce that it has been ranked the 3rd most popular brand in the world in 2011 by! The website collects worldwide brand rankings to determine its overall standings. The RankingTheBrands’ top 100 list positions a brand depending on the number of rankings it has received worldwide and what position it held. Coming in third, following Apple and Google, BMW has moved up six spots from last year. But with incredible, award-winning vehicles like the BMW 5 series, BMW X3, BMW Z4 and BMW X6, are you really surprised?

Clearly, the BMW brand is successful and sustainable. It is known for manufacturing some of the most reliable high-performance luxury cars. New or used, every BMW vehicle delivers.
There are a lot of different reasons why people love BMW. Here at Budds’ BMW, we have a few favourite reasons of our own:

• Every BMW vehicle offers a unique balance of comfort and handling that sets the bar for luxury cars.
• When it comes to styling and technology, BMW doesn’t play it safe. With lavish interior materials and high-tech features likeiDrive, BMW vehicles are anything but dull.
• BMW has an amazing leasing program, which makes driving a luxury vehicle more affordable.
• No matter which BMW car you drive, you can expect excellent performance. Tested on the harshest roads in the world, BMW vehicles are built to deliver excellent handling and precision.
• BMW offers eco-friendly vehicles, like the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

Obviously, these are just a few reasons why we think BMW is a brand worth loving (and vehicles worth driving). But we want to know why you love BMW.

What makes BMW your top choice when it comes to cars? Leave your comments below!