We recently came across this thrilling or should we say “chilling” story of a Canadian husband and wife who travelled together on their BMW F 800 GS motorcycles, riding on some of the toughest roads in the world. Joe Lloyd and his wife Flora travelled 10,000 km through the frozen tundra of Canada’s Northwest Territories, from Victoria to Tuktoyaktuk. Now the couple is sharing their adventure with their documentary series called Reconnecting with Canada: The North.

This documentary shows how the pair and their support team overcame unimaginable weather and road conditions, braved frightening cold temperatures of almost -50°C, ice roads and even a head-on collision that shattered the front of Joe’s BMW F 800 GS. “On this trip, the bikes were absolutely amazing! They would start without any coaxing down to the -30°C mark,” says Joe.

During the documentary, Joe also mentions that when the weather hit below -30°C they counted on the BMW X5 to give their motorcycles a jumpstart. “The X5 is another BMW product that should really get a mention in all of this. It was flawless the entire way as well,” says Joe.

If you’re looking to watch an amazing true story of one couple’s quest and how they got to experience Canada in all its glory, check out Reconnecting with Canada: The North. You can watch the episodes; see photos and news from the expedition here.