We’re getting used to the BMW X6, Hybrid version, popping all over the place in what it seems to be the final testing stages. The hideous hump on the hood that we have seen in the early testing phases has trimmed down a bit and the hood on this test mule looks promising and …I can’t believe I will say this, quite attractive. It somehow reminds me of the aggressive sexy look of the new M3 and I hope the final production model will not be far off.

This prototype has been spotted this time on German soil, compared to the multiple previous shots taken by our friend Palbay, near Spartanburg, SC. The BMW X6 Hybrid will utilize the previously outlined dual mode ActiveHybrid system, developed together GM and Daimler, which has discrete modes for high-torque, low speed driving as well as for high-speed cruises. It is expected to improve fuel efficiency by about 20% when compared to the xDrive50i V8 model.

The system uses a modular hybrid system which can be adapted to many different engine/vehicle combinations, as opposed to a design-specific petrol engine/hybrid combination, which sees wider use in the automotive industry.

The BMW X6 ActiveHybrid will be revealed at the end of 2009, most likely following the BMW 7 Series Hybrid launch. 

[Source: More photos at MotorAuthority ]