Thanks to a tip from Jurgen,I'm going to show you one of the sexiest, hottest and most amazing BMW X6 I have seen so far. We all know by now that the X6 is an equally loved and hated bimmer. For ten people that are totally in love with the X6’s design, I can find another ten, that simply hate it and don't see the purpose of it.

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But let's not get into the “hatorade” issue tonight and let's focus on what Jurgen has sent us, photos of a BMW X6 in a blackish, dark grey color. The Sport Activity Coupe was spotted in a garage in Austria and the color looks simply “hawt”, like Miss Paris Hilton would say.

The black wheels complete the already perfect image.

Do you dig it? Let's see a photoshop of this color on other models, X1 for example. Any takers?

[Source: Autoblog.nl ]