I am absolutely convinced now that the new BMW Z4 will be a major hit. After seeing these latest photos, despite the infamous camouflage, I can see why there is much hype behind the new Z4. In several conversations with a friend that works for BMW and has seen the car multiple times, I was told that the 2009 BMW Z4 will be an unique roadster, a combination of sportiness and classiness, and it will revitalize the Z brand, bringing it to the high levels of hype that we saw back in the Z3 days.

Look at these photos and notice how imposing the car really is. It definitely has an impressive road presence, while still being very elegant. I remember the first Z3 model and I always thought it was a pretty bimmer lady, but looking now at the Z4, I will have to change my opinion on that: the new Z4 is more of a young handsome man that intimidates.

What we know so far is that the all fresh, new BMW Z4 will be for unveiled at the L.A show in November. The marketing materials and video promos are in the making as we speak and if our sources are correct, we might see the first real, un-camouflaged photos of the Z4, sometimes next month.

Price? Absolutely no news on that and I cannot really speculate since I have no basis. But, as long as the car will live up to its hype, the crazy bimmer fans will go the extra dollar mile to buy it.

[Source: Zpost and

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