SauberIf there was a 4th place block on the podium, Nick Heidfeld would have been standing on it for the third Formula 1 race in a row. The German went on to gather up another hard earned 5 points for BMW Sauber in the blistering heat of the Bahrain desert on Sunday afternoon.

The blowing sand didn’t seem to get in Kubica’s way either as he followed close behind to capture 6th place.It doesn’t appear that BMW will be slowing down any time soon either.After Nick was able to get by 2 time wold champion Fernando Alonso, the race was now one step closer.

Following BMW this season is clearly going to be exciting! Now that both drivers are behind the wheel of what looks to be a bullet proof race car, I think you an expect to see more and more points and hopefully a podium finish for both racing stars.

Catch the action of the world’s finest as they do battle in Spain on May 13th at 8:00 am.